Because videos are an important part of communications on the web, we are continuously adding to this list of video tools and resources.

Compiling some of the best web tools for creating videos, optimizing, scripting, and displaying them in the best possible way is our goal.

Use Video Websites to Lure in Customers

Several years ago, the internet was slow and watching videos online was hardly a pastime. Now that online speeds have improved dramatically, video websites are getting hundreds of thousands of hits. Use these video websites to bring new and existing customers to your website.

1. Use youtube to put up videos with content related to your site. (Why should you use YouTube to put up videos with content related to your site?)

2. Advertise your video on social networking sites. (How can you go about advertising your video on social networking sites?)

3. Get your affiliates to embed your videos on their site if it is relevant. (What types of affiliate marketing videos are likely to go viral?)

4. Create videos on a regular basis. (Why should you create videos on a regular basis?)

5. See what videos are getting hits and see how you can incorporate their topics into your videos. (How do you determine the videos that are getting hists so you can incorporate their topics into your own videos?)

6. Use popular keywords in your description as long as they tie into your content. (Why should you use popular keywords in your description?)

7. Post your links on sites like Digg. (How do you post your links on sites like digg?)

8. Make sure the videos have links to your websites and possibly watermarks and intros. (What are the benefits of having videos that link to my website?)

9. Enable profit sharing on sites like youtube. (What benefits can Youtube provide through the use of profit sharing?)

Online videos have a unique power of their own. They have the power to bring in viewers, sometimes over and over again. If your videos are relevant and interesting, people will see them. If they like your videos, they will be drawn to your site and those clicks can equal dollar signs.