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A QR code generator produces a graphic that, when scanned by a cellphone QR Reader app, opens a designated webpage or directly delivers information. The scanned QR Code can be used  for a lot of specific purposes.

I frequently wish that there was a QR Code on a web page that I’d like to easily remember to come back to.

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Quite often there will be times when you need to limit access to a QR code for privacy or security reasons, because the content that it links to can’t be released yet, or because you need to limit the number of times a QR code can be scanned.



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Obviously a traditional black and white QR code will have the maximum possible scan reliability since its tonal contrast is 100% (white is 0% grey and black is 100% grey).


As tonal contrast decreases from this 100% maximum so will the QR code’s theoretical scan reliability, but selecting a foreground/background color pair with a tonal contrast of greater than 40% (and ideally greater than 60%) will ensure that your QR code functions as expected under most conditions.


We’ve been doing QR codes globally since 2008 (we had our 7th birthday in January!), and as 2015 rolls on we’ll be releasing more new features, refreshing some of the older stuff, and just generally making sure that QRStuff.com continues be one of the world’s most popular (and longest-running) QR code creation websites.


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On a world-wide basis the location of QR code scan events hasn’t really changed all that much for us over the past 12 months. USA, UK, Australia and Canada are still in the top 5 however Malaysia has now moved up and pushed Germany down to #6.

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